Meet Your 360 Administrative Team


Hello everyone, my name is Dori Schuster. I am 36 years old and originally from Pennsylvania, but now live in New Jersey with my husband Alan, stepson Sam, daughter Zoey and dog Nala. I love going to the beach, sporting events and traveling. Within the past year, I became a part of the 360 family as the Scheduling Coordinator and have a strong desire to learn more about the deaf community and ASL. I hope by working here that I can continue to learn and grow and maybe one day become an interpreter


Accounting Specialist
Hello, my name is Erica Fox. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and moved to New Jersey when I was 22. This is when I married and started my family. I have a 20 year old daughter, a 15 year old son, and a 9 year old daughter. When my son was a baby we realized he wasn’t hitting all his milestones. He was non-verbal and showing many signs of Autism. Finally at the age of 9 my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s which today no longer exist so he is classified as being Autistic. For the 1st 2 years, my son’s vocabulary was a minimal of 5 words. It wasn’t until finally a doctor thought to put tubes in his ears to see if this would help. Well it worked! I wish that back then I would have known or been instructed to learn sign language so I could have taught my son so we could’ve communicated with each other but instead he and I were left frustrated with the language barrier. This is why it means so much for me to work for an amazing company like 360 Translations. It is wonderful to see so many amazing people that know sign and go out into our community to assist those in need.


General Manager
Hello, my name is Danielle. I have been with the 360 translations almost 7 years. I love working with such a fun and caring team. I grew up in Sicklerville and graduated from Overbrook High School. I started going to Camden County Community College right after high school working on a degree in Art. I have 2 Chilren, Kailyn 8 and Ronin 4. I love to draw, cook, and camp. I started with 360 with no knowledge of the deaf community. I have learned a great deal and keep learning more everyday. I have found a love for deaf culture and ASL. Although I am a beginner I would like to be able to interpret one day. I hope to stay with 360 for as long as they will have me.


Advocacy and Development Specialist
Hi everyone, my name is Hermongenes Swartz however most people call me “Empoy”. I am deaf and 27 years old. I grew up in Cavite City, Phillipines. I moved to the US at 16 years old. I really enjoy living in America but I do miss the hot summers. I hope to visit the Phillipines soon. Currently I live in Clementon, NJ and graduated from Cherry Hill East High School. In my free time I enjoy going out, traveling, talking with friends, and helping people. I started at 360 as an office assistant and I am now the Advocacy and Development Specialist. I love helping people and I do that by helping teach a class on ASL. Working for 360 is awesome and I hope to be here forever.


Interpreting Manager
Hi everyone, my name is Melissa but most people call me Missy. I grew up in Berlin, NJ and currently live in Clayton. I live with my husband, our Siamese cat, Gus, and our pot belly piggy, Ziggy. In my free time I love going to the movies or just hanging at home. From a young age I’ve known I wanted to do something to help people. I started working with 360 in the fall of 2013. I love working for such a great company that has caring staff and who does so much for the community. 360 translations has become my family and I love to be here learning more and helping others. I can’t wait to see what working at 360 brings me in the years to come.